Saturday, 3 November 2012

New Beginnings and Relaunching Miss D

New beginnings are exciting and refreshing, like breaking the spine of a new notebook and having all these crisp blank pages ahead of you, waiting to be filled with whatever you choose. 

I wanted to begin the new blog by telling you about Delphi Burling, and how she came to life.....

This month, three years ago, I was sketching 'vintage ladies' one afternoon, and wondered if any of them were how I would have looked in those particular eras of time. The shoes, handbags, if i'd be wearing gloves and a hat, etc etc. 

Then I realised that the faces of these sketches were all the same. They were one woman. Through the ages. She didn't look like me in any way, but she wore the clothes that I longed to wear, had the haircut i'd always wanted, and the grace and elegance that all women strive to achieve. 
So I set about crafting a life for her; how I imagined she'd live, her favourite possessions, her beautiful home, her charming character. And Delphi Burling was born. 

At the time, I was making homeware from other fabrics. I loved vintage florals, and the geometric and 'object' prints of the 1920's, and although beautiful, I found some a little too heavy on the eye, and 'fussy'. 

Vintage Florals.

1920's 'Object' Shuttlecock Print.

So I updated the floral prints I loved and created some simple designs to preserve the heritage of the vintage style. At first, I hand-carved printing blocks and did everything by hand. My first prints were 'Pimlico Rose' and 'Camaraderie'.

 'Pimlico Rose' Tote Bags, Linen, and Tea Towels....

Bringing Textiles to Life with Perfumery.....

I'd always loved how textiles, along with scent, created something entirely unique. How putting your nose to an old teddy bear or piece of clothing propels you straight back to the memories and feelings of the past. I had been making candles and dabbling in mixing oils for years and wanted to combine the two to capture the experience and bring my textiles to life. I began studying Perfumery, and with my candle making skills, began trialing scents to 'match' my new designs. 

My first five candle fragrances were created with British Institutions in mind, and each were linked to a different era and fabric. 

Cabbage Rose and Coconut, with the 1950's, Tea with Binkie with the 1940's, English Riviera with the 1930's, Hyndland Velvet with the 1920's, and Orange Blossom Honey with modern day. 

By this point, Delphi had acquired 'friends' and I pictured them each with their own very different tastes, using different fabrics and scents.

Planning and Relaunching...

So now, after so much planning and designing, the Delphi Burling fabrics will be digitally printed on beautiful linen in the UK, in 'vintage' muted tones of rose, grey blue and creamy old whites. 
Cushions, lamps, books, and accessories will all be coming soon.

I am so excited to finally see it coming together. 

Today, Delphi got some new clothes. She's been through all the eras of fashion, but for the relaunch, a girl has to have something new......

The beautiful new website will be online very soon. I do hope you will follow our handcrafted journey.

Leanne xx


  1. Such a beautiful first post, congratulations. I would love to be the proud owner of some of your Delphi Burling products and fabric. I will await eagerly your new website.
    Well done & Good Luck in your new venture x

    1. Thanks for taking the time to read, and your kind words, Deborah. L xxx