Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A Journey In Crochet And The Joys Of Being A 'Hooky Rookie'...

I tried to ignore it. I REALLY did. As if I haven't got enough to do, I have succumbed to the temptation of learning to crochet...

For those who follow my feed on Instagram (@leannespencer), I have been trying and failing on an on/off basis since before Christmas, and this week I finally believe I have mastered the 'double crochet' stitch.
I've been practicing with acrylic DK yarn, and a 4mm hook, and have made a few test pieces...

To my absolute delight, when I posted my efforts on Instagram the feedback was overwhelming!

''I can crochet!'' I exclaimed, and did a little happy dance on the couch.

So. Trying not to lose my head over such joys of being a Hooky Rookie, I have had a wee yarn and hook purchasing session online, and scoured my favourite craft blogs, of which have the most beautiful visual crocheted loveliness; Pink Milk,  Coco Rose Diaries, Annaboo's House, and Attick 24....

In complete anticipation of my new crochet things arriving, I am undecided about what to make as a first project. I would love to make a blanket, but is this really a good idea for a beginner?

I've decided to document my Journey In Crochet here, as a way for me to look back at progress, and for others thinking of learning to take on the challenge, as I did in fact, nearly give up after flinging my hook at the Christmas tree one evening, in a rather unjustifiable rage.

But SO worth the anxiety.....

L xx


  1. Yes, Missus you CAN crochet!!
    May you enjoy every second of your hooky journey and yes, a blanket is perfect for a beginner...
    See you very soon in IG land...

    1. Oh fabulous! I shall get looking at some blankets for inspiration! Thank you for following.... xx

  2. Hello gorgeous girl! Congratulations on your crocheting!

    I think a blanket is achievable, perhaps more H or J sized than you-sized but I'm sure you can do anything you put your mind to. Your work looks beautifully neat - for what it's worth, I really only enjoy crocheting in the round because I can follow it much more easily. It doesn't make sense the way knitting does, in my opinion!

    Happy New Year, pet! x

    1. Well HELLO there!

      I have only dabbled in basic double crochet in rows. I haven't contemplated any granny squares/granny stripes yet, but it does seem larger stitches, therefore quicker to finish, for impatient ones such as me? I was thinking of a wee blanket for Harry. It would fill me with pride if I could make one of the boys something that is usable!

      Happy New Year to you too! Hope your clan are well xx

  3. Awesome! Well done. Looks like you are doing a fantastic job and the pictures look very professional too! Happy hooking. xox

  4. What are we like!?! Just as you said, as if we haven't enough things/crafts etc to do already, we decide to throw crochet into the mix. I'm really enjoying learning but it's not the easiest craft to master is it. Yours is looking great though, very neat.
    I found working in chunky yarn and with a big hook (12mm)!! really helped. I'm posting this weekend on my blog, showing my first efforts. Promise not to laugh?! ;) xx