Tuesday, 22 October 2013

The Box of Life

I've been meaning to do a post on The Box Of Life for a while now, to explain what it is all about. We have had much interest and intrigue in what this little box contains. I don't want to give too much away about the contents, because it is not just a 'box of things'. What you get out of the box depends very much on how you choose to use it. So I will begin by telling you how it all started....

The concept came from a magazine article about ten years ago now, about how we need to appreciate the fundamentals in life more than ever, in order to strive and be happy and content. We have things easier than ever now in comparison to the beginning of the century and beyond, and right up to post war-Britain. Our ancestors coped with poor sanitisation, basic food - which had to be prepared, poverty, and little money for themselves. We seem to have most things at ease now. We don't have to cook and bake every meal, we have television, supermarkets, comfortable homes - and with a loo indoors!

So why are so many of us unhappy?

Some people believe it is because we take a lot for granted these days. We forget how much we rely on our mobile phones, the convenience of a ready-prepared meal we can pick up if we don't feel like cooking.. We don't even need to wash the dishes afterwards.

So do we need to go back to basics to find true happiness? To be handed a pile of vegetables, and some cheap cuts of meat, and try and make a family dinner, to have our televisions, mobile phones and computers taken away.... Then might we appreciate what we have?
Turn on the radio, prepare a family meal, and talk about your day with your family.
These things, to me, are the basics of a happy life.

So back to this magazine article.

The piece was written about a lady who believed that a happy life starts with self-preservation. Look after yourself, and your life will look after you. This was not meant in a physical sense. It is not about being healthy, going to the gym etc, but your mental state of mind. Our ancestors who we talked about earlier, were more finely tuned into this. They knew how to appreciate life. They spent the evening talking, discovering new things, talking to their children and partners with no television on in the background. Being proud of the fact they treasured, made, mended most of what little possessions they owned and rarely wasted or disposed of anything. Life was simple.

So the article went on to describe how each day, no matter how busy you are, set aside time for yourself. If you have a diary, book yourself in. (five minutes after I've loaded the dishwasher, for example), and spend some time on you. You could read a short poem, have a quiet cup of tea and think about what makes you happy... Light a candle and make a list of all the things you would like to learn and achieve...

So I tried this.

I wasn't particularly busy at the time. In fact, I wasn't very happy with my life at all. But it worked for me because it made me realise that I needed to get back to the simple things. The fundamentals, in order to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I was instantly amazed at how these little appointments with myself made me feel.

So I have put this concept into a ready made box. As you've guessed, it's about Life. Your Life.
It is filled with beautiful objects to use, with simple themes in mind. To Love, Nurture, Grow, Create, Feel, and Express yourself. I have created a list of activities to be used with the items in your box, for five, ten, fifteen minutes, to longer, if you can spare the time. You will learn and discover new things about yourself and appreciate life's simple pleasures. An escape from the busy chaos of modern life.

So I urge you to go back to basics and have a go.

The most important thing you have to be in life is yourself.

L xx


  1. Ooh so intriguing. Will order one soon when I've spare cash�� got a roof to pay for first. Grrr.