Thursday, 17 April 2014

Spring Update...

I haven't blogged at all this year, or in fact since way before Christmas, so I'll try and cram in all that I can.

It's a lovely light evening. I've been unwell recently and so taking up my previously successful 'self preservation' technique of coming upstairs early. Not intending to sleep straight away, but as the bedroom is north facing, we get the evening sun from the west which fills the room with a yellow glow. The house is empty over the Easter school holidays so I am making this most of this luxury. I've not been allowed tea or coffee for the past few weeks and today, I have much enjoyed the process of making a pot of tea again, as much as drinking it. So beside me is a large mug of rose tea, and a bar of Galaxy Caramel...

Firstly, a new candle collection was launched in February,as part of the new Country Folk Tale Collection which will include fabrics, ceramics, stationery and home fragrance. I have spent months designing pattern, putting together whimsical design boards of woodland flora and fauna, old English botanical prints and colour samples to piece together a folk-inspired collection, which I hope will tell a story.

The candles collection is made up of four 'Hedgerow' scents. I loved trialling these, and blending so many of our much loved wild flower scents. It really does take you back to childhood memories in the countryside, and making perfumes with posies of gathered flowers and water!

We had some photography done, and were featured in Deco Mag too.

The four fabulous scents are Foxglove & Lemon Balm, Wild Plum & Gorse Flower, Elderflower & Wild Mint, and Blackcurrant & Yarrow. You can buy them here, with FREE postage this week..

Also this week, I've been on Pinterest, pinning all sorts of wonderful images. I did actually join last year, but never quite got the hang of it, but gave it another go, and now have around 15 boards with a mix of Delphi Burling products, style, and 'Britishness'! You can follow us here

So, back to the new fabrics... I wanted to re-invent a few of the existing fabrics, and simplify the designs with more neutral pallets, as well as adding completely new designs. The two themes for these, are 'Country Folk Tale, which will be simple repeats, muted pastels and will coordinate with the candle collection. The second theme is 'Whitefield', which is our Edwardian home, and an absolute delight for Edwardian, 1920's-1950's block work and old wallpapers. I saved some of these to work on. To recreate and bring back to life...

Here are some of the raw repeats I've been working on. They are still very much work in progress.

This Easter weekend will be a rather busy one. We'll be in Romania next week where I plan on finding some more inspiration for the designs and exploring the beautiful castles and citadels. I have aimed big for the gardens this year with a rather adventurous amount of seedlings to transplant before I go!

So for now, have a wonderful Easter break, and I shall write again next week before I go.

Leanne xx

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