Saturday, 5 January 2013

Festive Round-up, And Planning For The Year Ahead.....

First of all, Happy New Year!

The festive season was a special one for us in 2012, as it was my son, Harry's first Christmas; and also because Mr S was home this year. I'm used to spending every other month by myself, but it's always a little harder at Christmas if he's away, so we all had some lovely family time....

I had the added joy of creating a 'Christmas Mantle', as we'd finally had the fireplace and stove fitted in December. I received some beautiful gifts from Nicki, who writes the wonderful blog homebird
including some pretty candles, which were swiftly added to my display!

I also made use of the abundance of holly and ivy in the garden and made a few winter wreaths....

Christmas Box Success!

The Christmas boxes were a huge success, and thanks to everyone who purchased, we raised over £400 for charity.
Here's some snaps of the work in progress.....

Planning With Intent

So the first few days of 2013, I spent clearing away the remnants of last year, wearing some Spring florals to brighten up the drab weather, getting my work in order, and sitting down with my new diary, a cup of tea and a lit candle (this has always helped me concentrate), and turned straight to the back of the book, to the 'notes' section, to write my Plans/Resolutions for 2013.

Like a lot of people, I plan with intent. I enjoy the process and the quiet excitement of thinking about, and writing down wonderful things that I think I could achieve.... but also, like a lot of people, when the page these plans are written on closes, quite often, you forget about it. They are swallowed up by everyday life...

So this year, I'm doing it differently.

One of the things I used to do in my old job, was a form of Life Planning through Graphic Facilitation. This process involves an illustrated chart of your life, who you are, your qualities and also your weaknesses, where you are in life, and where you want to be. Then, you set about, through flow and process diagrams, how you are going to get there. What's more, is that this kind of planning makes you discover more about yourself, and realise that nothing is impossible.
Through everyday small steps, you can achieve almost anything....

So if you've made plans and resolutions for yourself, with intent, please do have a go, and keep it in view every day. As one of the worst things you can do in life, is lose sight of yourself.

Make 2013 about You

L xx

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